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The strange case of Dr. HGH and Mr. Hype

The strange case of Dr. HGH and Mr. Hype is a part of medical folklore today. Have you heard of it yet? No? Well, it’s never too late.

Let’s begin here.


Dr. HGH is a naturally occurring hormone produced by the tiny yet powerful pituitary gland in the human body. It has been used since decades by doctors and scientists for helping promote growth in children who were stunted due to physical or medical reasons.

The human body is a perfect creation of nature and it produces enough HGH in healthy human beings until the age of 30. After 30, HGH levels start to decline by about 14% each decade and the results are apparent in the physical and mental changes that humans undergo. There is loss of muscle, increased level of fat, lack of libido, lack of virility, the skin becomes loose and starts to sag, hair becomes thinner and we call it ageing.

This is where Dr. HGH steps in. With a replacement therapy Dr. HGH quickly replaces the lost levels of HGH in the body bringing with him almost all the factors that were lost with age.

Yes. If used under the supervision of a doctor and within permitted dosage levels, Dr. HGH can help improve skin tone, promote lean muscle mass, help reduce obesity and also improve virility. There are a plethora of other benefits that come with him.

Thanks to the many benefits of Dr. HGH, some people decided to quickly cash in on the popularity and started to manufacture substandard and fake products and market it with the help of…you know who! Mr. Hype!

Mr. Hype

Mr. Hype is the flip side of Dr. HGH and is the main culprit in the extremely dubious HGH Supplement market online. Mr. Hype is an ally for fake HGH supplement companies and manufacturers and starts off by creating an extremely impressive website and a marketing campaign that rides on the benefits of Dr. HGH. I want to say there are numerous legitimate HGH Supplement companies including Woodstock Whole Health, Sytropin and many others, but the fact is there are far more that reside in the Mr. Hype category.

The claims are too good to be true.

An HGH pill that contains 100% pure HGH and can have the same effects of an HGH injection at a fraction of the cost!

An HGH oral or nasal spray that contains pure HGH and is absorbed into the blood stream much faster!

HGH injections that are generic versions of the originals and are available at a fraction of the cost again!

Mr. Hype is all over the internet and is sadly, doing pretty well for himself. Why?

It is mainly because people are desperate to reverse the ageing clock and are willing to try anything for it. And with some HGH supplements, they are much closer to achieving it because they are trying a product that is connected to the real deal.

The world knows that HGH is effective in helping reverse ageing. So, anything that is connected or has 100 % pure HGH written on it, sells thanks to Mr. Hype.

Separating Dr. HGH from Mr. Hype

It is extremely important that you separate Dr. HGH from Mr. Hype to be able to use products that are safe and effective.

Here are some very important facts about Dr. HGH that you must consider before buying any HGH supplement.

• HGH is a large and extremely fragile protein molecule with a molecular weight of 20,000. The sequence of the molecule has 191 amino acids that are closely linked by fragile bonds. This sequence is almost impossible to obtain from sources other than human genes.
• The technology used to create HGH synthetically is extremely expensive and meticulous and not many companies have that kind of infrastructure.
• The HGH protein molecules are large and cannot penetrate most membranes significantly. This means that most forms of HGH supplements including sprays and pills are rendered useless.
• It loses potency when dissolved in any solution, it has to be precisely freeze dried to be able to store it and original injections require a prescription to buy.

Now that you have the facts about Dr. HGH, let’s quickly compare them with Mr. Hype.

Most companies that sell HGH supplements advertising them as 100% pure HGH are fake. As we read the facts, we understand that manufacturing HGH that works is not an easy task and anybody who has invested millions of dollars worth of time and effort in it would never undersell it. However, the some HGH supplement companies (see list above) can have effectively release and enhance naturally occurring hgh supplements in your body.
The large HGH molecules cannot penetrate through most membranes thereby ending speculation that they can be absorbed through the mucous membranes of the mouth. Insulin is a molecule that is only half the size of HGH and yet, it cannot be absorbed through the mouth. Hence millions of people around the world have to rely on insulin injections.
It is often claimed that oral or nasal HGH sprays are more effective than injections because they are not absorbed by the liver. However, this claim is nothing but hype because HGH when consumed by the body in any form will be absorbed by the liver. Therefore, they are both absorbed in the same manner.
If any supplement advertises itself as containing pure HGH, then it requires FDA approval and it is a drug, not a supplement.
Most of the claims made by fake HGH companies are true only for pure HGH injections and qualify hgh supplements that can effectively release naturally occurring hgh in your body.

Now that we have separated the two, take a test to know if you have really understood the difference. Log on to any search engine and search for HGH. Check the first five HGH supplement websites that you come across and try to spot Dr. HGH from Mr. Hype.

Good luck!

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