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HGH Supplements, Age 40

As the big 40 rolled around I took a hard look at myself. I had a job I enjoyed, a great family and a positive outlook on life. The problem was I didn't feel like I thought I should at 40. My energy level was slowly decreasing, my skin and hair looked dull, and even though I loved my life I felt some of my zest was gone. I exercised regularly, took care of myself, but by no means was I a glowing, vivacious 40 year old.

I started doing research on the Internet. Boy are there some strange and weird ideas on feeling more youthful! Did you know that drinking alpaca urine will renew your skin to its 18 year old beauty!? The one supplement that kept coming up on reliable web site was HGH supplements. When we are in our teens our bodies are pumping out boat loads of growth hormone. Growth hormone is produced by the pituitary gland and gives us our youthful energy and appearance. Then production starts to slow down. Guess what that leads to...less energy, less muscle tone, more wrinkles, dull skin and dull hair. Thie HGH supplements seemed very logical to me and the reviews were great. Most of what I read indicated there were very few side effects to taking hgh supplements – which was certainly encouraging.

I decided to take the chance and ordered my first bottle of this highly rated hgh supplement. Now I am one of those reviewers singing HGH benefits. I truly look younger, have better muscle tone and have my vitality back. With HGH releasers, 40 is looking real good!

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Written by Peggy Gold - Miami FLA

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