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HGH Supplements for Women

Like almost every American women turning 50 I became more aware of the wrinkles, the decreasing stamina and libido, the "bat wings" on my arms, the memory and energy decline. But also like almost every American 50 year old women I wasn't going to grow old without a fight. So I spent money. I bought anti aging creams and lotions for the skin, sudoko books for the brain, exercise tapes for the arms and sex toys for the libido. It all helped but I knew there was a healthier person still inside me. Something was missing.

I began researching on what keeps our bodies young. I came across a lot of really weird ideas and even stranger web sites that talked about magical anti aging remedies, but HGH supplements kept coming up. I ignored the HGH sites since I wasn't into body building and didn't want to look like Mark Mcguire or grow hair where it wasn't suppose to be! I just wanted to slow the aging alittle. After days of research I finially clicked on an HGH supplements information site. What I learned blew away all my preceived notions.

HGH is a hormone made by the pituitary gland. It is made up of 191 amino acids that do incrediable things to keep our body healthy. HGH is synthesized by almost all tissues in our bodies. It is what the body uses to repair itself. With out enough HGH our bodies ability to repair itself is slowed and the outcome is aging. After reading article after article and visiting web sites like WebMD I came to the conclusion that HGH Is not a fountain of youth but the closest there is to one.

After consulting with my health care provider I decided to give HGH supplements a try and ordered from a reputible web site. It was easy to use and compared to what I had spent on other "fountain of youth" creams this was reasonably priced. Did I wake up the next day looking and feeling like a 20 year old or find hair growing on the palms of my hands? Of course not, but over the next few weeks I did experiance changes. Put simply I had more energy and would have been thrilled if that alone was what HGH did for me. I found that even though I had not changed my routines my bat wings were beginning to look like muscle, my memory was getting better(though I still have no idea where my car keys are!) and friends were asking me what new lotion I was using that made my face look younger and brighter. As for libido..better than when I was 20 as age does bring experiance!

Look you don't know me and have no reason to believe me. I am a 50 year old stay at home Mom that knew nothing about HGH supplements a few months ago and now I'm a 50 year old stay at home energetic and 40 looking Mom. I like the new me and the way my body feels younger. Research it yourself, you have nothing to lose but that feeling of getting older.

Written by Stacy Elpstein - Denver CO

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