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History of HGH Supplements

HGH for years was touted as a safe and effective way to build muscle, speed the recovery between work outs and produce a general well being. American weight lifters got there first look at what HGH could do when their European counterparts began to show up at meets looking like Hulk Hogan. What did they know that we didn't? America was ready for HGH supplements.

What are HGH Supplements and what do they do? Hgh is a complex hormone produced in the pituitary gland. It is made up of 191 amino acids that sends growth hormones to the body. Growth hormones in turn are responsible for tissue growth and repair, brain function, bone strength, metabolism as it affects energy levels, and cell turnover to name a few. Without enough HGH the healing process slows down and you end up looking and feeling older than your years. Our body is in a constant state of healing. Cell turnover that keeps our skin soft and wrinkle free is cell healing. Bulking up our muscles by tearing them slightly during weight lifting is muscle healing. The list goes on and on. Unfortunately our bodies start to slow down the production of HGH in our early 20s just as it does with other vital hormones and nutrients and slows down the metabolism. Why? Because our bodies are still programmed for an early end of life and thinks it has peaked at 20! We of course know this isn't true anymore.

The medical community knows that HGH is vital for tissue repair, but struggled with an effective means of delivery. Synthetic HGH injections were all the rage with bodybuilders in other countries until the side effects began to become apparent. The HGH injections overloads the heart and other organs with HGH and cost $20,000 to $30,000 a year. There had to be a better way to harness the fountain of youth.

HGH Supplements are now available in powder, sprays, pills form. The side effects associated with injections have been removed by processing the HGH with amino acids which gives a safer and more stable delivery system. Over time the user of HGH will have leaner muscle, increased energy and libido levels, and higher bone density. The side effects of these cellular changes will be smoother skin, faster recuperating time, higher fat burning rate resulting in weight loss and lower cholesterol levels. HGH Supplements come from a variety of manufacturers and provide varying levels of quality. CPR has reviewed what is widely recognized as the best HGH supplements and provided a detailed report from an unbiased perspective.

Today it is common for the medical community to recommend vitamins and hormones to keep our body healthy and working at its optimums level. HGH Supplements are another very effective bullet in that fight. Read more information about hgh here .

Written by Consumer Products Review HGH Staff
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