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Synthetic HGH vs. Natural! The war rages on

Synthetic HGH vs. Natural! The war rages on

This has been an ongoing debate for decades now. Isn’t it always healthier to rely on your body’s own HGH resources rather than opt for synthetically produced HGH?

While most people would opt for natural for obvious reasons, there are a percentage of people who are skeptical about the viability of natural HGH and swear by the performance of synthetic HGH.

The fact remains that each one has its own share of pros and cons which need to be analyzed before making a decision. Let’s look at some of them.

Natural: The Pros and Cons

The rising demand for anti aging elixirs and the effectiveness of HGH in reducing the effects of aging have led to a scenario where there are thousands of companies manufacturing HGH supplements without a regulating body to govern the process. There are synthetic HGH injections being imported from countries like china and Russia, the quality of which are at best, unknown.

Natural is always better than using a product, the quality and effectiveness of which are debatable.

Along with being safer, it is cheaper to ask your body to produce its own HGH. A good quality HGH injection will depreciate your pockets by a few thousand dollars. And considering that a normal cycle of HGH injections last for a few months or even years with at least 2 to 3 injections each week, you can very well calculate the final costs.

HGH is an anabolic hormone that is made up of proteins which are extremely difficult to obtain synthetically because they start breaking down within seconds and when consumed orally, have to go through the extremely abrasive digestive system.

So, most of the synthetic HGH supplements which proclaim to contain 100% pure HGH are fake.

But the only way to get your body to produce more HGH naturally is to use Secretagogues or to use strength training. People who are not used to strength training find it extremely difficult to adapt to a training routine all of a sudden.

Secretagogues are available in numerous forms including pills, potions and sub lingual caps. But sources say that they are broken down before getting absorbed into the system rendering them useless.

Synthetic: The Pros and Cons

Secretagogues which are being touted as the next best thing to natural HGH are being rampantly produced and used by everyone from athletes to middle aged men and women looking for better skin, better muscle tone and more.

But are they really capable of making the body produce enough HGH required for their intended use?

Most Secretagogues require at least a few weeks before they can trigger the pituitary gland to produce enough HGH. Also, the actual amount of HGH produced by the trigger remains a controversial figure. While manufacturers and promoters claim that it can increase the HGH production of the body by almost 50%, this number is speculative.

Synthetic injections on the other hands provide instant results. They are administered inside the muscle and hence are absorbed directly into the blood stream.

They might be expensive as compared to other forms of HGH supplements but HGH injections are famous for their instant results and effectiveness.

Athletes, bodybuilders and anti aging enthusiasts swear by its performance.

The final verdict?

So, what is the final verdict? Is it natural or synthetic? Well, the answer depends on your intended use, your financial status and how soon you want the results.

You have all the facts with you. It is up to you to make a wise and informed choice.

If you use it correctly, then HGH can be an elixir of life. If abused, it can wreck havoc with the system.
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