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HGH and the Immune System

Recently, I asked a friend of mine about HGH and he felt that it was something similar to steroids which are used predominantly for bodybuilding.

Talk about being ignorant!

But the fact of the matter is that he is not alone. A lot of people feel that HGH is nothing but a form of steroids that helps you bulk up.

Is it true?

It is far from true.

HGH is a naturally occurring hormone which is produced by the pituitary gland, a tiny pea sized organ present in the human body. This hormone is one of the most important ones that play a key role in deciding our physical characteristics including height and weight.

But as we age, the quantity of HGH produced by the body keeps diminishing and eventually stops.

Now, coming back to the subject…HGH is not just about bodybuilding. It is a hormone that has several key benefits that have been written and spoken about with equal interest.

But not many people have spoken about the effect of HGH on the immune system.

Proven Results

Clinical trials have proven that HGH supplementation and replacement therapy have an immensely positive effect on the immune system.

Some of the immediate effects that were seen include production of new antibodies, an increase in the production of T-cells and interleukin 2, enhanced proliferation and activity of lymphocytes, an increase in the activity of natural killer cells, stimulation of macrophages; increased maturation of neutrophils and increased production of red blood cells.

This means that HGH is good news for your immune system. Hence, a lot of doctors prescribe it for enhancing the rate of recovery in accident patients.

That having said, it’s very important that you understand the implications of using HGH. The costs, the side effects, the pros and cons, understand it before you start to use it.

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