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HGH can end Cellulite! Myth or bust?

It’s probably one of the worst problems that are encountered by men and women as they age.

Cellulite, those stubborn reserves of fat that find its way to various body parts, especially the lower part of the torso can be a social stigma.

Many women refuse to be seen in outfits that expose their legs thanks to cellulite alone.
And thanks to its extreme nature, hundreds of cures and treatments are available in the market to cure cellulite. Most of them are cosmetic in nature and attempt to mask the condition rather than cure it.
But with HGH Supplements, several people have witnessed remarkable results.
The question however is, is it a fact or is it another myth flouted by unscrupulous sellers looking to cash in on the HGH boom?

Understanding Cellulite

While most people think of it as fat, cellulite is not just fat. It is a layer of fat that is surrounded by subcutaneous tissue that is called Septa. When the fat pushes back against the septa, it leads to the orange peel situation also called Cellulite.
And while lifestyle habits are the prime culprit, the hormonal system too has a key role to play in regulating cellulite in the body.
Women notice an increase in cellulite after a pregnancy because the hormonal system prepares the body for additional reserves of fat which are required for pregnancy.

Can HGH end cellulite?

Balanced hormonal levels in the body along can lead to optimum collagen production which affects skin elasticity. And there are more than one hormone that is being considered for its role in reducing cellulite.

Estrogen and progesterone are a couple of them. But the most important one is HGH.

HGH shots are being considered as the revolutionary new way to reduce cellulite. But with their costs being beyond the reach of the average consumer, oral alternatives for HGH injections are now being used.
Results are varied with those using injections receiving the best results and those using the oral versions experiencing little improvement.
It remains to be seen whether HGH can indeed replace other forms of cellulite treatment in time. But for now, it is here to stay.

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