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Human Growth Hormone Therapy: Benefits for Men & Women

How HGH Can Help Men

Men like to look great, be in shape and feel good about themselves, but how do you do all these things when you work 40 or 50 hour weeks, have to keep up the house and take care of errands and figure in some down time? You can diet, and go to the gym a few times a week, but it's nearly impossible to get that chiseled physique you see on TV or to look young with the bags that gather beneath your eyes after hours of stressful work. So how do models, actors and athletes build and maintain their looks and stay looking youthful for so long?

There's a little secret that most of the guys you see on television know and share. It's called HGH. But what exactly is HGH, and how can it help men? HGH is human growth hormone, it's not a steroid or a chemical at all, it's a hormone that is found in the human body. HGH has many fantastic side effects for men. It's very simply a protein base found in the human body that causes cell production, regenerates cells and helps you stay fit and youthful looking. When taken the way it should be, HGH is actually good for the human body.

Here are some of the things that HGH can do for men:

 Help you pack on the muscle and tighten up those ripples – Not only does HGH help you reduce the fat in your body, it helps you pack on muscle because it stimulates cell growth, combined with regular exercise and a decent diet, HGH can give you that chiseled body that every man desires

 Help you stay healthy – The protein and the hormones help to get you stronger and help you to be healthier in general. This helps your immune system fight off anti-bodies and viruses, The better shape you are in, the better shape your immune system is. That's why we all know those people who seemingly never get sick, because they are in good shape and are healthy already, which literally helps them stay healthy.

 Help you in the bedroom – No, HGH is not Viagra! But it does add hormones and protein to your system. Not to get too scientific, because men are turned on by many different things, but when they are turned on, they need protein and hormones to perform. So when you are on a recommended, routine course of HGH, you have more than what you normally do when it's time to close the curtains, which makes you better behind closed doors, and who doesn't want to be at their best at such a critical time?

 Help you shed the excess fat so you're not ashamed when you take your shirt off – Who doesn't like to go to the beach, but who wants to go shirtless when your spare tire is on your waist and not in the trunk of your car where it belongs? HGH gives you plenty of excess energy, which builds strength and endurance and helps suppress your appetite. This helps you get rid of that excess fat that we all dread.

How HGH Can Help Women

If you are a woman, what do you really know about HGH? Do you have any idea whether or not HGH is good or bad for you. Do you know if it can help make you look and feel better, healthier and younger?
Or is this more along the lines of what you've heard: HGH is just some new medical drug that helps men pack on muscle, kind of like steroids, right? It's just some drug that athletes use to improve performance and to look like freaks. It has no benefits for women whatsoever and if I took HGH, I would become mannish in appearance. HGH is bad in general for women.


In fact, none of those statements could be further from the truth. HGH is an all natural protein based hormone that is nothing like steroids whatsoever, and it can help women as much if not more than it can help men, that is, if you want to be fit and trim, look great and keep your youth, and all in a natural and healthy way.

There are many lies in the media when it comes to Human Growth Hormone (HGH). HGH is widely and routinely misunderstood. HGH is not a dangerous, harmful performance enhancing drug for one. It's not a drug at all. HGH is a natural supplement that offers many safe, healthy, awesome benefits for humans of both genders.

Of course, it has to be properly used, but it's not a drug or a chemical in any way, shape or form, and it's not just a supplement that can help men get muscular. It helps reverse the aging process, helps you stay trim and lean. In short, it's a natural supplement that can help women:

 Add muscle and stay trim – Proteins and natural hormones help you build and maintain the body you want.

 Maintain your youth - HGH helps you to look and feel younger, as the hormones in HGH help generate and build cell growth.

 Strengthen teeth, hair and bones - You go to all the trouble of doing the nails and having the teeth whitened, why wouldn't you want to make the hair and teeth as strong as you can to protect your investment and keep yourself looking great?

 Helps you sustain energy – HGH helps women retain Calcium and control blood sugar levels, two of the biggest problems that women face today, and two problems that make women feel tired. By boosting the fuel you need to get the extra energy you need, you'll find you don't need nearly as much sleep and won't drag as much as the day wears on.
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