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Lifting Weights and HGH Supplements

Deciding to take hgh supplements may seem like its not a big deal to some folks. For me, I have in innate fear of hurting my body so I wanted to make sure it would work and ensured I did a great deal of research beforehand. I even remember back in high school, I'd have several friends that would inject steroids. I might just be a wimp, but I could never inject myself even if I wanted to. I always loved the nutrition stores though.

When I started getting big into lifting, I was on a combo of andro, thanks to Mark McGwire making it popular along with creatine, and ephedra. I loved it. FDA wasn't regulating supplements like they do today. I went from a max bench of 250 lbs. to over 300 lbs. in a short few months. I was the strongest and fastest I had ever been up to that point.

I continued my lifting into college, but when the FDA made andro and ephedra illegal, the amounts I was lifting never were the same. Once again though, I was tempted with using steroids and saw plenty of people get big quick, but to stick a needle in my backside everyday, I just couldn't do it.

I ended up joining the army, and one of the big things to do was to lift weights, especially when I was in Iraq. A couple of the guys were into protein powders, creatine, and many other supplements, but the ones taking HGH supplements got results the fastest. I was weighing the pro's and cons, but never went through getting it.

I've been out of the army for a few years and as soon as I got out, I ended up gaining a great deal weight became a bit lethargic. I stopped lifting, running, and exercising completely.

I needed a change. I was 27, married, a daughter on the way, and my father just passed away from a heart attack in his early 50's. So I decided to get back into the gym make a change.

Everyday in the gym I was struggling. Trying to get back to results I once had, but never coming close. And everyday I heard about another baseball player and HGH. So I did some investigating, and decided to start using an HGH supplement.

I stumbled across www.consumerproductsreview.org. On there I found a link for Sytropin, which is an over the counter HGH supplement. It's so easy to use. Without trying to promote it like a spokesperson, I love it. Remember when you were a kid and your mom always sprayed that cough syrup into your mouth that numbed your throat. It's that easy, but no throat numbing. Two sprays under your tongue in the morning and 4 sometime before bed.

I'm 28, back in shape. My wife loves all my muscles that have sprung back to life, and I have energy to go to the gym and lift everyday, go to work, and spend time with my family. It's amazing. I'm not run down at all any more. I wish I had heard of HGH supplements even before andro.

Written by Jonathan Miller - Cleveland, OH

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