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HGH Claims: What they say and what they really mean

Thanks to some meticulously planned clinical trials, word of mouth advertising and the buzz generated by people, HGH is being touted as the new word for being young.

Until a few decades ago, HGH or Human Growth Hormone was nothing but another hormone naturally produced by the body, the usage of which for anything other than medically prescribed conditions was considered illegal.

But now, there are a lot of random claims being made by supplement manufacturers who are cashing in on the HGH buzz by selling packaged synthetic chemicals that have negligible or no HGH at all.

So, it helps to be informed before you make a purchase and ingest something, the contents of which are at best, unknown or unreliable.

Claim #1: An 8.8% increase in muscle mass and a 14.4% loss of fat - without dieting or exercise! – Sounds wonderful, doesn’t it? Technically, it isn’t wrong either. But this is true only for HGH injections which are more expensive than most people can afford. And how many companies are selling HGH injections with these claims? Very few, you see. Most sell Secretagogues or releasers with these claims which are clearly untrue.

Claim #2: Brand XXX containing real/pure HGH – If this were to be true, then you can call me Harry Potter. HGH is a complex amino acid hormone made up of 190 amino acids which will breakup before it reaches the bloodstream if taken orally. In other words, it cannot be taken orally, hence the injections. So, if someone is selling an HGH supplement claiming that it contains real HGH, then it is a huge lie. Only in certain cases, it can be true but then too an extreme exaggeration. Don’t get ripped off!

Claim #3: This HGH supplement is FDA approved: No can do! There are no FDA approved HGH supplements because, if it were to require an FDA approval or have an FDA approval then it would no longer be a supplement. It would be a drug. And drugs cannot be sold without a prescription.

I hope that this helps you stay away from fake HGH supplements that make erroneous claims to sell their product.

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